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Google Classroom Crash Course

Maybe you've heard of Google Classroom and have used it in the past, but are not really comfortable with using it with your students on a daily basis. This session will focus on highlighting each of the features of Google Classroom and will walk you through setting up your Google Classroom, adding students, adding content,

Principal Collaboration with Greenbush

This is part of an ongoing weekly series for principals to collaborate around school reopening with safety, operations, and leadership at the forefront of the conversation. Additionally, relevant and timely resources will be provided.

Special Education Leader Meetings

Throughout these unparalleled times, we have an opportunity for increased collaboration and collective problem-solving. Together we will learn, lead, and develop supports for the students, staff, and caregivers in which we care so deeply.

Counselor Weekly Networking

Join counselors in Kansas to network and discuss hot topics happening in the realm of school counseling. We will meet on Wednesday, August 12th, 19th, and 26th at 1PM. Join us for all or whatever your schedule allows. Networking rooms will be availalbe for elementary, middle, and high school counselors during the hour session.

ELA Standards: Increasing Complexity & Rigor, Part 1 of 2

ELA Standards: Increasing Complexity and Rigor, part 1 of 2, Participants will learn what is complex text and how to evaluate it, why it interferes with standard instruction and assessment, and how to scaffold learning to address it. Audience: Grades 4-10 ELA, SpEd, interventionists, instructional coaches. Presenter: Joann McRell, KSDE K-12 ELA Consultant

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