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Remote Learning 201: A Deeper Dive

In this two hour session, we will get into some of the particulars of remote teaching. Complete the Google forms questionnaire in the Zoom description at least three days ahead of this class to insure that this course is primarily driven by teachers' specific needs. The importance of communication and feedback will be emphasized. Creating

Struggling Readers & Complex Text, part 2 of 2

Participants will dive into effective reading instruction considering Language Comprehension components found within Scarborough's rope. They will learn how to apply these components within complex text with the use of texts sets and addressing key stumbling blocks for struggling readers with text coherence and cohesion. Strategies to impact comprehension and to increase the depth of

Reopening Your Classroom (Junior High)

This session will allow Junior High educators the opportunity to share and collaborate. Please join us as we focus on your ideas, concerns, and solutions to reopening your classroom.

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