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Competencies and Special Education, what does it mean?

In this session we will dig into the following questions:What are competencies? How is Competency Based Education different than traditional education? Where can I learn more? What questions do you still have?

Instructional ideas for remote learning, hybrid, & in-school CTE classrooms

Career and Technical Education education is going to look different across the board this year, based on the model each district adopts: remote learning, hybrid or in-school. Even within those individual models, instructional delivery will vary. During this session, participants will have an opportunity to share what their districts are planning, collaborate with other districts

Activities to Connect: Virtually and In Person

Building relationships in the classroom and school building is essential to supporting learning throughout the year. These relationships are even more essential as we recover and move forward from quarantine. In this session, we will share activities that help us connect with students and school staff. Join us as we play-to-learn these fun initiatives designed

ELA Standards: Increasing Complexity & Rigor, part 2 of 2

Participants will further their learning in how to deepen background knowledge and vocabulary instruction to circumvent reading failure. How to structure PBL within the ELA classroom by using the standards and/or connecting with other disciplines may also be covered. Audience: Grade 4-10 ELA teachers, interventionists, SpEd teachers, and instructional coaches. Presenters: Joann McRell, KSDE K-12

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