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As technology becomes more and more of a factor in the modern school classroom, how do we maximize our computer usage? Online simulations provide a perfect venue for allowing students to explore concepts, deepen their content knowledge while freeing up the teacher to take on the role of virtual and face to face classroom facilitator. Using Science 4 Us, Reflex Math and Gizmos from ExploreLearning, students and teachers have access to a wealth of online and offline content. ExploreLearning not only provides an obvious subject area connection, but it’s ease of use allows for teachers to horizontally enrich the curriculum while challenging their students to broaden their understanding of the science and mathematics topics. Students can, with the click of a few keys, uncover information more quickly, digest that information and present it to their teachers and peers in a way that looks extremely professional. Come and see how ExploreLearning can help your teachers, in this shifting educational landscape, continue to engage and challenge students of all ages.

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