How to support students’ behavior and social-emotional needs

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Our entire county has shifted down on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, now functioning in the bottom two tiers of trying to secure our basic human or physiological needs while also dealing with stress and anxiety as it relates to feeling safe. We need to acknowledge that esteem and achievement cannot be realized without first feeling connected, safe, and having our basic needs met.

The Family Discussion Guide, along with using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, will help teams assess

and then problem solve how to pull resources and services together to better serve their students

during this time of angst and uncertainty.

Additional resources you can use are Child Mind and the Bruce Perry video which outlines the impact of stress; Stress and Resilience: Covid 19.

Resources for parents to teach life skills at home

“Life skills” refers to skills that you need for life; learning to live as independently as possible. Certain skills may be more or less relevant depending on your life circumstances and especially the current situation with COVID-19. Here are some ideas that you can do at home and also recommend to families: 

4 ways you can support students with complex needs

  1. Join KSDE TASN in a webinar for students with complex needs
  2. Check out this Google resource for students with significant cognitive disability
  3. UNC has created a website to assist in planning and supporting students with autism 
  4. The Center for Exceptional Children (CEC) is free until May 31, 2020

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