Standards-Based Home Links

A wide range of learning experiences for K-12 which link into state standards. Each continuous learning lesson provides objectives, required resources, and optional adaptations – please feel free to share them!

Notes for Educators

These lesson plans were put together to give you a head start when sharing continuous learning with your students and their families. You’ll find that these activities:

  • Are structured to be project-based and very family-friendly
  • Require very little or no technology and very few resources
  • Are printable and digitally shareable – send them to families with your own personal message
  • Have space for your district’s logo – feel free to include it, they are your resources!
  • Are ready to go! They are designed to be simple but linked directly to state standards
  • Follow your school’s rules regarding the sharing of copyrighted materials

K-5 Home Links

Continuous learning lessons from kindergarten through grade 5.

download K-5th grade home links

6-8 Grades Home Links

Continuous learning lessons for grades 6 through 8.

download 6th-8th grade home links

9-12 Grades Home Links

Continuous learning lessons for grades 9 through 12.

download 9th-12th grade home links

We Appreciate Your Feedback

We hope you and your students find these resources both educational and fun. If you have any feedback, we’d really appreciate you sharing it with us.

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