Continuous Learning Resources for Educators

Tools for educators and caregivers to help children learning at home.

What are these resources and who are they for?

This collection of resources is for educators and caregivers. Its aim is to help you in providing children with the best education, emotional support, and access to technology while they are learning from home. The collection includes:

  • Wellness resources
  • Planning tools for educators
  • Resources for both general and special education
  • Guides to using online learning technologies
  • Student enrichment opportunities

Wellness Resources

Educators, parents and caregivers will find a stack of informative articles, activities, and ideas and tips to support students’ social-emotional wellbeing during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Content & Strategies Resources

As teachers begin to navigate a whole new way of educating their students, some resources for planning and navigating this new world are provided here.

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